How To Get More Likes For A Facebook Fanpage/Increase Facebook Likes

How To Get More Likes For A Facebook Fanpage/Increase Facebook Likes

  • Are you struggling to increase your facebook fan page followers(facebook likes)?
  • Did you create a facebook fanpage and want more likes for that fan page?
  • Do you want to promote your brand page on facebook and want more facebook followers?
If any of the above questions are true then you are at the right place.
Today I am going to reveal some best Tips and Tricks using which you can get unlimited facebook followers (likes).


There are many services which can deliver you with the required number of facebook likes for your fanpage but they will charge you a little in return for doing so.In this article I will be sharing some tips and tricks using which you can increase your facebook fan page followers at free of cost keep reading..........

This post on How to get more likes for a facebook fanpage is divided into two parts:

Part 1:In the first part I will be explaining some simple tips and tricks using which you can increase genuine followers.Genuine likes or followers are the ones which are going to last permanently and take active part on your page.If you need genuine followers then I recommend you to strictly follow these tips.

Part 2:In this part I will be explaining how to increase facebook fan page followers(facebook likes) which may or may not be genuine.Using these tricks you can increase your facebook fan page likes like anything.These tricks just increase your fan database and may not add much value to your page in terms of activity.

How to get more likes for a facebook fan page:

Part 1:

1.Post Quality content:

As I always say whatever you post should be of good quality.I always believe in quality than quantity.If your fan page has quality content(posts) then automatically people will like your page.

2.Post Pictures,Videos which are funny and which can be re shared:

Make sure that the posts on your fan page are funny or emotional or heart touching or inspirational.Some or the other way your posts should attract the viewers attention and make them to return to your fan page.Post pictures and videos that are most likely to be re shared .If your posts goes viral then the dream of getting more  and more likes for your fan page becomes true.

3.Person to Person publicity:

Ask your friends to like your page and ask them to share it with their friends as well.

4.Like box on your website or blog:

If you have a website or blog then don't forget to put a like box widget .This can increase likes dramatically if your blog or website has good traffic.

5.Share in groups of facebook:

Share your fan page in different groups which are related to your facebook fan page.Please don't spam alot.I see people spamming alot to promote their pages or blogs ,please don't do that because if the administrator notices he/she may ban you moreover no one will like your fan page if you become a spammer.

6.Comment on other facebook pages which have huge fan followers:

This is one of the wise way of getting more targeted fan followers(likes).Comment on other fan pages which comes under your niche with your fan page profile.See the below picture for better understanding.


7.Exchange and share fan pages:

Contact other fan page admins which are related to your fan page niche and ask them to share your fan page link ,in return you do the same.

Part 2:

1.Use You like hits: is a service in which you can earn facebook likes,twitter,digg,stumbleupon,youtube followers etc.Firstly you have to earn points by liking other pages and following other then you have to spend those points to get likes or followers for your fan page.Using this service you can get unlimited fan followers.All depends on your ability of earning points.

Watch the video for a quick demonstration on how youlikehits works:

2.Click jacking:

Now this is a kind of illegal and I don't advice you to follow this procedure unless and until you are not satisfied with the above Tips and Tricks.
Click jacking is method of forcing others or victim to click a link without his notice.

Watch the video tutorial on how click jacking works?

Download clickjacking files from the below link:


Well I hope you liked the article.

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